Portugal - the California of Europe

Portugal - the California of Europe

Portugal - the California of EuropePortugal - the California of EuropePortugal - the California of Europe

Welcome to Eurifornia!


Portugal is the California of Europe

In the 1500s, Portugal “discovered” half the world and globalization started.

Today the world has its eyes on Portugal and its Golden Visa is definitely helping...

Harrison Ford, Madonna and Garrett McNamara discovered Eurifornia and so did thousands of students, entrepreneurs, investors and retirees from all over the world.

The second and third generation of Portuguese emigrants are also bringing their parents and grandparents back to the place they once left and it seems like everyone want to grab their piece of the pie...

A Place to be Happy

It all starts with:

  1. Friendly People
  2. Amazing Food 
  3. Awesome Beaches 

Portugal is the most affordable country in Western Europe - where you can enjoy a European Lifestyle for less...

We Love all & Welcome all 

Lisbon - our Capital

Eurifornia - Lisbon - Portugal

A city full of authenticity where the sun shines 290 days a year

Porto & The Northern Beauty

Eurifornia - Porto - Portugal

The Northern capital is a fascinating tourist destination famed for its Port wine 

The Algarve

Eurifornia - Algarve - Portugal

Portugal's southern coastline with stunning beaches and an awesome nightlife


Eurifornia - Alentejo - Portugal

The Alentejo with some walled towns is all about a slower pace of life 


Eurifornia - Azores - Portugal

The Azores archipelago with 9 major islands is located 1500 Km. away from Lisbon


Eurifornia - Madeira - Portugal

Blessed by the sun and in love with the sea, produced the best football player in the world

The Silver Coast

Eurifornia - Silver Coast - Portugal

Known by the locals as "Costa de Prata", the Silver Coast is a place to call home

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima - The Altar of the World

Fatima is the altar of the world, 

a place of peace and respect 

Global Peace Index

Eurifornia - Global Peace Index - Portugal

Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world according to the 2019 Global Peace Index 

Moving to Portugal


Do your homework and prepare in advance.

We love all & welcome all

Easy Golden Visa

Eurifornia - Golden Visa

Invest 500.000€ in Real Estate and travel freely throughout the Schengen area. Easy!

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